Additional Activities

Game Drives

  • Guided game drives comprise a 1.5 or 3 hour drive through the reserve. Our vehicle accommodates a maximum of 10 people per trip and refreshments are provided. Choose either a sunrise drive, with a coffee stop or a sundowner drive with a stop at the top of sunset hill in an open vehicle, giving guests unrivalled views.
  • Be sure to bring your binoculars, camera and video camera. You will need them, promise. Maybe even bring your selfie stick.

Hiking / Trail Running

  • There are a couple of hiking trails for various levels of fitness available on the reserve. A map is available or you may simply use your discretion and head to any spot you fancy. We can also provide a handheld radio, lunch pack and guide. Note that wild animals may be encountered (we hope so!);
  • Guided walks may be the highlight of your stay at Crystal Creek – get up close and personal with the fauna and flora with a guide leading the walk, you are guaranteed a truly memorable experience;
  • Crystal Creek offers excellent trail running opportunities on the Reserve – you are free to explore on your own or follow the trails as indicated from the lodge on a map.
  • Please bring a sun hat and sun protection along, especially during harsher summer weather.


  • Shore angling, fly fishing, spinning and lure fishing is on offer. The fishing is generally quite productive – depending on weather conditions, water conditions and season. We cannot guarantee catches, but we can guarantee awesome scenery and a great day out!

Mountain Biking

  • The reserve offers various mountainous high altitude trails for the more experienced rider as well as more docile trails in the valleys for the casual rider. Bring your own bike to enjoy our trails.

Bird Watching

  • The Crystal Creek Reserve hosts a vast range of bird species, making it the perfect location for any bird enthusiast while away for several hours. Thanks to the large biodiversity of the area, it is home to several large birds of prey, water birds, as well as some nocturnal hunters. Remember to bring a good pair of binoculars and your bird watcher’s guide along!
  • We have a vast array of bird species around the reserve. Please use the link below to download the full bird species list we have available.

Star Gazing

  • The reserve offers some of the brightest star gazing opportunities. Remote valleys promise an all-night parade of celestial bodies thanks to its clear skies and low levels of light pollution. Simply pick a spot, spread out your blanket and be star-struck!

Additional Places of Interest

Crystal Creek Game Reserve is surrounded by various other places of interest, you don’t just have to stay within our boundaries. As per the map on the right you have access to:

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